Rokanban for Trello

Board Screen
Card Screen
Label Selection

Rokanban allows you to display and work with your boards directly on a TV!

Features Demonstration

Free Version

  • Display list of boards of a selected public team
  • Sort the list of boards based on # members, last updater or by name
  • Display and navigate on any public kanban board
  • Read description and comments
  • View checklists of the card
  • View the list of attachments
  • View the list members assigned to each card
  • View the list of labels associated with the card
  • Enable/Disable visualization of board background and card posters
  • Auto refresh your board on a configurable rate

Full Version (in-app upgrade)

  • All features of the free version plus…
  • Associate your Trello account to access your private boards
  • Move cards along the board lists
  • Edit cards title
  • Add comments to the activities list
  • Assign and remove members to the cards
  • Add and remove labels to the cards
  • Mark done/undone checklists items
  • Play videos, audios and images attached to the cards
  • Edit card Due Date
  • Complete and Archive cards

Note: Not all attached media can be played by this channel, only mp3/mp4/mkv/mov created with encoding supported by Roku. Check Roku support website for details.

Installation Instructions

The channel is available at the Roku Channel Store, search for “Rokanban for Trello” on the App category.

Trello Content

In order to give a context about the channel, an example team was created and configured as the default for Rokanban, the boards shown when the channel starts are from the team Board Examples for Roku, most of the boards on this team were copied from the Trello sample team Inspiring Boards. These boards are read-only for the regular user, however any one can be copied to a personal account to be used. The instructions on how to copy a board are available at this Trello help page.

After the upgrade you should associate your account to the channel in order to have access to all the full version features. When associated to your Trello user account the channel start screen will look like your own Trello profile page, it shows your personal boards, and below that, all teams that you are member of, with all the boards you can work with.


Neither this channel nor the developer are associated or endorsed by Trello Inc. Rokanban is only a client app using the public API provided by Trello.