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“A Better USB Media Player”

  • Fast Navigation with option to hide unsupported files
  • Thumbnails for Music and Photos (if available on files metadata)
  • Custom thumbnails for Music and Video by folder and by file
  • Play photos in a folder as SlideShow with background audio
  • Play music in a folder as a Playlist
  • Support for Subtitles (Closed Caption) on video files (SRT)
  • Resume video playback from last position (for the last 30 played videos)
  • Play a single video in repeat mode
  • Play all videos in a folder as a Playlist
  • Option to shuffle videos in repeat mode
  • Option to sort the files by name
  • Option to enable/disable subtitles
  • Option to enable/disable photo file name on slideshow
  • New UI based on Roku Scene Graph SDK
  • No ‘loading’ messages in video repeat mode
  • Support visualization of text files
  • Saves the recent 30 played media files history

To install Play USB Channel click here >>