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Do you want to enjoy your digital media on your Roku? And you have an HipServ-based home network attached storage device?
hipMedia channel allows you to easily connect to your HipServ-based home media server and stream your entire media collection from anywhere, anytime!

The hipMedia channel is compatible with: Seagate GoFlex Home, NETGEAR Stora, HipServ MediaCaster, Roxio Streamer, Verbatim MediaShare and La Cie InternetSpace.

What you can do with hipMedia for Roku:

  • Browse your photos stored on your HipServ and enjoy and show them to your family and friends directly from your Roku device at home or remotely.
  • Stream music stored on your HipServ directly to your Roku from anywhere.
  • Watch videos stored on your HipServ on your Roku.

Before you purchase the Full version install the Lite version to test the connection to your device, and make sure you enabled the “Remote Access” option in your “Server Preferences”.

The Lite version has the following limitations:

  • No support for bookmarks
  • Only shows the first 5 mp3 files of a folder
  • Only allows 15 minutes of video playback

To install the Lite version click here >>
To purchase the Full version click here >>