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This channel was created to make possible to watch on your TV, Spiritist video content available on the web. Currently these are the websites supported by the Channel:

Live Content

  • FEB TV (Ao Vivo)


  • FEB TV (On Demand)
  • TV Mundo Maior
  • Companhia Amigos da Luz (Comedy)
  • Rede Amigo Espírita
  • TV Mundial de Espiritismo
  • Allan Kardec TV
  • Programa Diálogo Espírita
  • Programa Espírito e Vida
  • Associação Espírita Casa dos Humildes
  • TV CEI
  • Palestrantes Espíritas


  • Spiritism Society of Baltimore
  • Spiritist Network
  • Toronto Spiritist Society
  • Atlanta Spiritist Conference
  • Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society
  • Grupo Espírita Cantinho de Luz

Installation Instructions

The channel is Free of any charge, to install it on your Roku, use this link:

After click the link above you may need to logon to your Roku account and see this screen:
Add Channel Screen

Just click on “Yes, Add Channel”.

Important Note

After adding the Channel you need to go to your Roku and navigate to “Settings” and then “System update” and click on “Check now”. The new channel should be added to the end of your Roku Channels List.