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ActivePack is a collection of ActiveX controls designed to be used with Microsoft® Visual Basic 6, they were created during my ActiveX technology studies, I was looking to make simple, useful an practical controls, that would cover some needs that the Visual Basic with it's native controls doesn't cover.

The controls are:

ActiveForm: Add new properties to a Form. You can configure minimum and maximum size,turn off the close windows button (the X button), turns your form Always-On-Top, resize the form controls proportionaly when it resizes, change the form background to several types of gradient, or tile a wallpaper picture. You can also enable the "Minimize To Tray" feature to your form only setting a property to True.

ActiveCombo: ComboBox that allows you to use icons and indent the list items. Very powerful and simple to use. You can use it's internal ImageList or an external one.

ActiveStatus: A StatusBar that reproduces the Microsoft StatusBar Inteface containded on the Commctl32.ocx, here you only have the control you want, don't need to send a large file.

ActiveText: Textbox with filter and dynamic numeric mask. It has pre-configured masks to Integer Numbers, Floating Point Numbers, Date, Time, Phone Numbers, Brazilian CEP, Brazilian CGC and Brazilian CPF. You can also create a custom mask. To ordinary Text it has Upper Case, Lower Case and Proper Case filters.

ActiveDate: TextBox with a PopUp Calendar, it's simple, cute and easy to use.

ActiveCalendar: A Simple Calendar Control.

ActiveLink: To put Hyperlink Label's on you Form's

ActivePanel: Simple 3D panel and 3D Line

ActiveScroll: Control to put ScrollBars on forms and make possible use these forms on smaller screen resolutions.

There is also in ActivePack a little tool called ActiveX Tools (formerly ActiveSearch), it allows you to search for files, and compare its name, versions, date, size, GUID, OLE Interface version and you can register and unregister your ActiveX components (OCX, DLL and EXE) in groups of chosen files.


This is a FREEWARE software. You can freely use and distribute it, however there are copyrights involved, and of course, time and money that I spent writing this SOFTWARE. Please read the License Agreement.

If you think that this software, in some way, is being useful for you, or want to get the source code of any control of this ActivePack, just send me any contribution with your credit card, using PayPal a secure way. To donate click here!

The Author

I'm Marcelo, I was born and live in Brazil, how you can see (read), english is not my primary language, here we speak portuguese. I'm married with Érika and we have a little boy, his name is Matheus. I program computers since 80's decade, I was 12 years old when I was writing some programs in BASIC with my father's COMMODORE VIC-20. I started my professional life using D-Base III+, after that I used FoxBase (wich becames FoxPro), I spent some years using CA-Clipper, I've worked with COBOL to the Brazilian Army's COBRA minicomputers (arghhhh). I started with VB since 1.0 version. Today I no longer need to program very much, I'm working now with Object Oriented Analisys using UML, but I continue with my passion by the programming arts, using the Visual Basic 6.0.

Since 1999 I'm certified by Microsoft as a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) on Visual Basic Programming.

I hope you like ActivePack,

Marcelo Leal Limaverde Cabral

[email protected]

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