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Update: October, 11 of 2002 - Version 1.03

Announcement: ActivePack Project is officially closed, so there will be no more updates or versions, I'll keep the site alive and let the source code available (see details on download page) please do not send any request about new features.

Update: October, 26 of 2001 - Version 1.03

Website: During this more than one year of no updates, I received several e-mails with critics, bugs and suggestions, and as I had no time to update the site, I had, either, no time to answer all of these emails, but at least, on 3th birthday of ActivePack I make avaliable here version 1.03 that was only sent to the registered users. I had problems with our free host (XOOM) that no longer have this service, so I've changed to a payed provider.

ActiveForm: Several bug's corrected, included the RestoreMode property, included TrayDblClick event, included SetTrayIcon and SetTrayTooltip methods.

ActiveText: Several bug's corrected, created FloatFormat property, included the possibility of configure the [Custom Mask] to accept other types of characters than the numeric ones, allows on [Integer Mask] and [Float Mask] negative numbers, included the CActiveText class to treat globally the events of all ActiveText control on an application, changed the behavior of RawText property to format[Date Mask] and [Time Mask] masks without the separation chars.

ActiveDate: Several bug's corrected and enhanced some behaviors.

ActiveCombo: Broken the binary compatibility to make the control interface closer of VB ordinary ComboBox, renamed the file to ActiveCbo.ocx, included IconColorDepth property.

New OCX: More three ocx files were added to ActivePack, the ActiveLink with an Hyperlink control, the ActivePanel with two 3D controls and the ActiveScroll that creates automatic scrollbars on Forms.

ActiveX Tools: Several bug's corrected, added an Object Browser that explores the COM interface of ActiveX without the need of register them, it's possible now to pass a file or a folder as parameter to the EXE.

Update: May, 2 of 1999 - Version 1.02

Website: The site was entirely reorganized, I've separated the download page into two pages (portuguese and english), added this What's New Page, added a VB Links Page.

ActiveForm: Added Properties to change the form background to several types of gradient, tile a wallpaper picture or center a picture. You can also now enable the "Minimize To Tray" feature to your form only setting a property to True. Some bugs fixed.

ActiveStatus: All new control. A StatusBar that reproduces the Microsoft StatusBar Inteface containded on the Commctl32.ocx, here you only have the control you want, don't need to send a large file.

ActiveText: Now the DecimalPoint Property default is the Windows default. Added auto-format to [Integer Mask] and to [Float Mask]. Some bugs fixed.

ActiveDate: Added a tooltip to Today's button with current date.

ActiveCalendar: Added a tooltip to Today's button with current date.

ActiveTools: Program name changed from ActiveSearch to ActiveTools. Two new columns added to better compare files: GUID and OLE Interface version. Folder and File Mask options are now saved on Registry. Print output changed to fit the data on page. Some bugs fixed.

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